Custom Dimensions Can Be Used as What?

Custom Dimensions can be used as what?

  • All of the above
  • Secondary dimensions in Standard reports
  • Secondary dimensions in Custom Reports
  • Primary dimensions in Custom Reports

Right Answer:

  • All of the above


Custom Dimensions are usually used to collect and analyze the data which are not automatically tracked by the Google Analytics. Analytics find these Custom dimensions as their default dimensions when they start with the Google Analytics but still, they have a way to create custom ones for themselves. These are also used to combine the data from the Analytics and Non-Analytics accounts to have an overview of everything.

In Custom Reports, these Custom Dimensions will appear as Primary Dimensions while these can also be used as Segments and Secondary Dimensions in all Standard Reports. A Custom Report is just a report that you create with the dimensions and metrics of your needs and also decide on how they should be displayed.

  • Primary Dimensions are always listed on top of the data table in an Analytics Report which can be easily changed just by clicking on another Primary Dimension you want to apply for the data table.
  • In order to add a Secondary Dimension to a data table, you need to click on the Dimension name from the list of Dimensions.

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