Filters Cannot Perform What Action on Collected Data?

Filters cannot perform what action on collected data?

  • Include shopping preferences
  • Convert dynamic page URLs to readable text strings
  • Exclude traffic from particular IP addresses
  • Include data from specific subdomains

Right Answer:

  • Include shopping preferences


For an advertiser, Google Analytics has provided so many ways to filter the information as per their requirement. These filters include Account tree filters, type list, and Data View filters.

Data View will automatically show you the items as soon as you enter a search term in the Search box. You can also search for multiple terms just by typing each one on a separate line. You can also use the Advanced Search so that the Data View can be able to show you the items to meet your criteria.

The Account tree filters normally show all of the campaigns that have been downloaded from the Google Ads, but by applying this filter will make it easier for you to find the specific ones you need. For that, you need to click on the Drop-down menu to the right of the “Campaigns” heading then choose to filter by type of campaign option or status of the campaign or the combination of both.

You can also filter the type list by any combinations of any types, such as keywords, topics, and extensions. For this click on the drop-down menu on right to the “Manage” header and then select the items you want to see by under the “Custom” menu item. All of the types are shown automatically unless you turn them off through the custom filter.

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