If the Google Merchandise Store Sets up A Url Goal of “/ordercomplete” and A Match Type of “begins With”, Which of The Following Pages on Www.Googlemerchandisestore.Com Will Not Count as A Goal?

If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/ordercomplete” and a Match Type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages on www.googlemerchandisestore.com will NOT count as a goal?

  • /ordercomplete.php
  • /order/complete.php
  • /ordercomplete/index.html
  • /ordercomplete/thank_you.html

Right Answer:

  • /order/complete.php



As the question expresses, there are a huge number of possibilities will the URL goal that has been mentioned. In order to go ahead with the URL goal, the URL must contain the phrase that has been mentioned in the previous briefings. The options might be different yet the phrase has to be present there.

The options that are permissible as per the question are as follows:

  • ordercomplete.php
  • ordercomplete/index.html
  • ordercomplete/thank_you.html

Now, it is clear that you can’t break down the phrase into two separate parts. It is certain that the phrase has to be in its complete form. Apart from that, the match type “Begins with” plays a crucial role. Since the match type has to begin with ordercomplete, there can’t be a separate category that can be assigned to the URL.

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