Segments Will Not Allow You to Do What?

Segments will not allow you to do what?

  • Isolate and analyze data
  • Permanently alter data
  • Build custom Remarketing lists
  • Create subsets of sessions or users

Right Answer:

  • Permanently alter data


Segments can be classified as the subsets of various types of consumers that are there as far as the Analytics is concerned. As an advertiser, using Segments can help you out in so many ways possible with the least amount of clumsiness or confusion in the work available. The custom classification eases out the process.

The segments can be divided into these particular types:

  • Subsets of users
  • Subsets of sessions
  • Subsets of hits

However, as the question suggests, you can’t really alter or change any data permanently. It can’t be done with the help of segments. It is because segments only help you out with the classification of a particular type of users. It doesn’t give you an edit button where you change everything related to them. You can, however, take help of that group and target a particular ad or website to them for future benefits.

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