Sharing a Custom Report Will Share the Report Configuration and Data Included in The Report.

Sharing a Custom Report will share the report configuration and data included in the report.

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Assets are created as some sort of tools by the advertisers in the Google Analytics so that they can customize their Data Analysis. Some of the features and tools such as Custom Segments, Goals, Custom Channel Groupings, Custom Attribution Models, and Custom Reports are all considered as assets for every advertiser in this Google Analytics. All assets are usually created and managed at the reporting view level by advertisers.

The other advantage regarding assets is that you can share them one at a time from each specific asset menu or you can even share more than one asset at the same time in Analytics. But when you share an asset you are only copying and sharing the configuration information but none of your Analytics account data or your personal information. So, in this way you can have the overall control over your privacy and your data from others.

In order to share multiple assets from a view, you are needed to follow below steps which can guide you.

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Click on “Admin” and navigate to the view from which you want to share assets.
  • In the “View” column, click on the “Share Assets” option.
  • Select the assets you want to share and then click on “Share”.
  • You can even share all assets by clicking the checkbox at the top of the table.
  • You can even select the sharing type, either Share template link or Share in Solutions Gallery.
  • And then click “Share” to proceed.

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