To Recognize Users Across Different Devices, What Feature Must Be Enabled?

To recognize users across different devices, what feature must be enabled?

  • Attribution Models
  • User ID
  • Audience Definitions
  • Google Ads Linking

Right Answer:

  • User ID


Viewers and users on a certain ad campaign or a particular advertisement itself mean a lot when it comes to gathering an audience. It is certain that having an audience will boost your campaign significantly ahead of everyone else. It is the first and foremost option that one has to attain in this particular field.

When it comes to viewers, old or new, there are a few things that advertisers notice for the advertisement campaign’s betterment such as:

  • User ID
  • Remarketing lists
  • Conversion ratios etc.

As the question expresses, it is understandable that an advertiser has some sort of a user ID involved. By doing so, the advertisers will be able to easily distinguish between the newer viewers and the older viewers. Older viewers have a slight advantage for the advertisers since they will be on the remarketing lists easily.

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