To Track Users and Sessions Across Multiple Domains, What First Must Be Set Up?

To track users and sessions across multiple domains, what first must be set up?

  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Google Ads Linking
  • Ad Exchange Linking
  • Data Import

Right Answer:

  • Cross-domain tracking


You can collect the data from multiple websites into a single account property when you set up the cross-domain tracking. With the help of Cross-domain tracking, you can be able to see the data from the different sites in the same reporting view.

  • This will be so ideal in some configurations like with the third-party shopping carts.
  • However, Google recommends that you should set up multiple views and separate the filtered views to display data only from each individual domain.

This procedure will let you analyze the data traffic from all of the different domains together in one view, and use the other views to analyze data from each domain in a separate set of reports when necessary.

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