View Filters Are Applied in What Order?

View filters are applied in what order?

  • Alphabetical order
  • Creation date
  • Sequential order
  • Random order

Right Answer:

  • Sequential order


You can use filters to limit or to modify the data in a view like you can use them to exclude traffic from any particular IP addresses or include only data from specific subdomains or directories. Also, while applying these filters you have to these in sequential order or it won’t be effective as these filters have so many limitations which are mentioned below.

  • Filters are destructive.
  • Filters require up to 24 hours before they are applied to your data.
  • Fields specified in a filter must exist in the hit and not be null in order for the filter to be applied to that hit.
  • Filters are account-level objects.
  • Filters are applied after your data has been processed.

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