Views Can Include Website Data Collected Before the View Was Created

Views can include website data collected before the view was created.

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A view will be added to your video when a unique user watches your video on your channel for a required amount of time or clicks on any display or video ad. You can access, customize and also can analyze your data in a view. These are provided to you by Google Analytics. You can access reports and analysis tools in your Google Analytics Account with the help of a reporting view.

  • Any data you send to an Analytics property will automatically appear in all of the views which are associated with that property because analytics automatically creates one unfiltered view for every property in your account.
  • If you send the data of two websites to one property, then the data from both websites appear in all reporting views on that property.

You can see only one subset of data in your reports by using the filters to customize all the views your video got. For example, if you have sent web and app data to the same property then you have to use some filters to exclude the web or app data from the specific views.

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