What Asset Is Used to Build a Remarketing List?

What asset is used to build a remarketing list?

  • Custom Segment
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Report
  • Custom Metric

Right Answer:

  • Custom Segment



A segment is defined as a Subset of your Analytics Data. This segment can be a lot helpful when you have an entire set of users. Because then you can assign one segment to the users from a particular region and another segment for the users who have done purchases or visited specific parts of your website during their sessions. You can also these segments as the basis for the audiences.

For your reports, you can use any of segments as filters. Once you apply a segment for one of your reports, then the segment will remain active until you remove it for yourself. Also, you can apply up to 4 segments in total for any report and then you can compare the results from each segment side by side in your report. if you don’t know how to apply a segment for a report then do follow the below steps for guidance.

  • At first, sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Open the “view” tab which includes of the reports you wanted to use.
  • Then open the “Reports”, then open the report you need.
  • At the top of your report, click on the “+ Add Segment” button to open the list of segments you have.
  • Select the checkbox for each segment you want to apply for and then click on “Apply” button.

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