What Campaign Parameter Is Not Available by Default in Google Analytics?

What campaign parameter is not available by default in Google Analytics ?

  • utm_content
  • utm_adgroup
  • utm_source
  • utm_medium

Right Answer:

  • utm_adgroup



Campaign Parameters are the tools that you can add to Custom Campaigns with which you can actually gather a bunch of information regarding the overall effectiveness of the whole ad campaign that you are running as an advertiser. It is extremely difficult to side out all of the information and then separate out one particular parameter of your own wish.

There are a bunch of campaign parameters. Those help you out significantly while handling the information of your campaign. Those are as follows:

  • utm_sourceIdentify the advertiser, site, publication, etc. that is sending traffic to your property, for example: Google, newsletter4, billboard.
  • utm_medium: The advertising or marketing medium, for example, CPC, banner, email newsletter.
  • utm_campaign: The solitary campaign name, slogan, promo code, etc. for a product.
  • utm_term: Identify paid search keywords. If you’re manually tagging paid keyword campaigns, you should also use utm_term to specify the keyword.
  • utm_content: Used to distinguish identical content or links within the same ad.

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