What Criteria Cannot Be Used to Create a Custom Segment?

What criteria cannot be used to create a Custom Segment?

  • Dimensions
  • Sequences of user actions
  • Metrics
  • Ad type

Right Answer:

  • Ad type



A Segment can be defined as a subset of your Google Analytics data. For example, if you have one set for all of your users, then you can use one segment from a particular country or a specific region while the other segment can be used for the users who purchase a specific group of products in particular or user who visit your website for a specific part or product.

Segments let you isolate and analyze the subsets of data so you can examine and respond to the component trends in your business. A Segment is usually made up of one or more filters which do not alter the underlying data and those filters isolate the subsets of users, sessions, and hits. Also, you can include all subsets in only one segment if you want to.

If your segments don’t address the data you wanted to analyze then all you need to do is to create a new segment and configure that segment as broadly as required for you.

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account with your login credentials.
  • Open the “View” tab for whose data you want to analyze.
  • Then open “Reports” which will open a list of reports and you can start with anyone.
  • Click on the “+Add Segment” option to open the segments list.
  • Click on “+New Segment” which will show you a segment builder to create a new one.
  • Enter the name, use the different options in different categories to configure filters for your segment.

Then later click on the “Test” to see the percentage of users and sessions that match your segment filters.

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