What Data Does Google Analytics Prohibit Collecting?

What data does Google Analytics prohibit collecting?

  • Billing city
  • Personally identifable information
  • Purchase amount
  • Product SKU(s)

Right Answer:

  • Personally identifable information



Any data regarding your ad campaigns or results or the revenue you are earning from running the ad campaigns cannot be seen by anyone other than that specific user who has the access to all of the Google Ads and Analytics accounts. So, Google makes sure that the data is safeguarded as it is committed to protecting the Confidentiality and the security of data.

Google collects the data named as First-party cookies which are included the data related to the following are also recorded as the cookies by the Google in order to measure and report the site statistics. The Data collected also consists of the user interactions with your site or app that use Google Analytics.

  • Device/browser
  • IP Addresses
  • On-site or any application activities

The data provided by Google Analytics is used by Google to provide the Analytics measurement service to all customers. Some identifiers such as cookies and App instance IDs are also used by Google to measure the user interactions with a customer’s site or apps.

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