What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track?

What data is Google Analytics Goals unable to track?

  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Customer’s lifetime value
  • Watching a video

Right Answer:

  • Customer’s lifetime value



Google Analytics Goals can track so much data except for the Customer’s Lifetime value, whose reports let you understand how various users are valuable to your business based on lifetime performance. But you can see the lifetime value for users who acquired through email or paid search.

  • With the information collected from the Lifetime, value reports you can be able to determine a profitable allocation of marketing resources to the acquisition of those users.
  • You can also compare all those lifetime values of users which are acquired through different methods.

Lifetime values of the users acquired through organic search and some of the users acquired through social, or compare social to email, to analyze which method has the most effective way to get higher-value users.

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