What Data Table Display Compares Report Metrics to The Website Average?

What data table display compares report metrics to the website average?

  • Pivot
  • Percentage
  • Comparison
  • Performance

Right Answer:

  • Comparison



The Lower portion of the Explorer tab always displays the data in the form of a table. Usually, the primary dimensions and metrics are displayed in that table which is depended on the type of report and on the metric group selected in the Explorer tab controls.

The Data Table controls include:

  • Primary Dimension
  • Plot rows buttons
  • Secondary Dimensions menu
  • Sort Type
  • Search
  • Table Display Buttons (Data, Percentage, performance, Comparison, Term Cloud, Pivot)
  • Refresh Report.

Of all of the table display buttons, Comparison displays a bar chart plotting the performance of the selected metrics relative to the site average. You can directly perform a number of actions such as using the checkboxes preceding a row to select that row and sorting the table by a column by clicking the column header.

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