What Feature Collects Company-Specific Data Such as Member Status?

What feature collects company-specific data such as Member Status?

  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Filter
  • Custom Metric

Right Answer:

  • Custom Dimension



Custom Dimensions are like default dimensions for a user in the Google Analytics account, except when you create new dimensions for yourself. With the help of Custom Dimensions, an Advertiser can be able to collect the data and analyze it which is not tracked automatically by the Google Analytics.

These Custom Dimensions also allow an advertiser to combine the data of Analytics with the data of Non-Analytics. Usually, these appear as primary dimensions in Custome reports.

There are four stages in a life cycle for a Custom Dimension which are namely, Configuration, Collection, Processing, and Reporting.

  • You can define your custom dimension with an index, scope and other properties in the Configuration stage.
  • In the Collection stage, you send Custom Dimensions to Analytics from your implementation.
  • In the third stage i.e., Processing stage, your data is processed using your Custom Dimensions.
  • In Reporting stage, you will build new reports in the Analytics user interface using the Custom Dimensions.

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