What Feature Is Required to Track Customer Search Terms on A Website?

What feature is required to track customer search terms on a website?

  • Site Search
  • Data Import
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Search filters

Right Answer:

  • Site Search



Site Search will help you in understanding the extent to which users take the advantage of site’s search function which searches terms they entered, and how effectively the search results created deeper engagement with your site. Site Search should be set up for each reporting view through which you want to report on each and every user action. Follow the below steps to set up a Site Search for a view.

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics Account.
  • Click on “Admin” and navigate to the view for which you want to set up a Site Search.
  • Click on the “View Settings”.
  • Under “Site Search Settings“, set “Site Search Tracking” to “on”.
  • In the Query Parameter field, enter the word or words that designate internal query parameters, such as term, search, query, keywords.
  • Select whether or not you want Analytics to strip the query parameter from your URL.
  • Turn “Site Search Categories” to “off” and click “Save”.

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