What Feature Must Be Enabled to Use Multi-Channel Funnels?

What feature must be enabled to use Multi-Channel Funnels?

  • In-page Analytics
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Goals or Ecommerce
  • Advertising Features

Right Answer:

  • Goals or Ecommerce



Channels are the sources of traffic for you in the Multi-Channel Funnel Reports. The Multi-Channel Funnel Grouping or MCF Channel Grouping is the default set of labels, each applied to a channel or a group of channels that you wanted to see in your reports.

  • If you have specific analysis requirements, you can even create your own Custom Channel Grouping(s), each with its own set of labels as per you like.
  • However, the MCF Channel Grouping labels are more than sufficient for many analysts’ needs.

In the MCF Channel reports, channels are credited according to the roles they play in conversions, such as how often they assist and/or complete sales and conversions. The Assisted Conversions report shows how many sales and conversions each channel initiated, assisted, and completed, along with the value of those conversions and sales.

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