What Remarketing Audiences Cannot Be Defined by Default?

What Remarketing audiences cannot be defined by default?

  • Users who visited a specific page on a website
  • Users who played a video on a website
  • Users who visited a physical store
  • Users who speak a particular language

Right Answer:

  • Users who visited a physical store


Remarketing is a procedure where you promote your ad or website accordingly to the people who have watched your stuff as well as to the people who haven’t.

It is clear that remarketing helps the cause of promotions significantly compared a single, stale advertisement campaign that might not yield the best results possible.

Usually remarketing is done on these types of viewers, as the question depicts:

  • Users who have visited the website
  • Users who have played a video on the website
  • Users who speak a specific language or hail from a particular location

But as the question says, you can’t have users who have visited a physical store as a remarketing audience. It is because as far as the analytics is concerned, you can’t draw any sort of a conclusion from them.

They have seen your website or ad and ended up at your physical store, but there is no further proof regarding the fact that they did so since it is not available on the Analytics tab.

For More information: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2611268?hl=en

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