What Report Shows the Percent of Site Traffic that Visited Previously?

What report shows the percent of site traffic that visited previously?

  • Referrals report
  • New vs Returning report
  • Frequency & Recency report
  • Sales Performance report

Right Answer:

  • New vs Returning report


Earlier, Google Analytics used to keep an eye on all the given three types of users for a given website or landing page. The most basic and easiest classification of people is done accordingly which clearly gives the advertisers an insight on how the number of people that are interacting will be calculated.

Here is the sample video for you:

The used classification earlier was:

  • New Users
  • Returning Users
  • Unique Users

The Unique Users option is now discontinued and just the two given classes are taken into consideration. Usually, a Client ID is created against the names of new users. They are assigned with a random number and the first time stamp when they actually visited the website.

Thus, any user having this Client ID will have a Cookie on their Browser by Analytics.

At that point, it is easier for the advertisers to track whether they are new or returning users.

Accordingly, advertisers can get it calculated and finalise the statistics behind it.

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