What report shows which types of mobile devices visited a website?

What report shows which types of mobile devices visited a website?

  • Site Content > Landing Page report
  • Technology > Network report
  • All Traffic > Source/Medium report
  • Mobile > Devices report

Right Answer:

  • Mobile > Devices report



It is important for any advertiser to understand the behavior of Mobile users as the number of users through mobiles is raising a lot more day by day. So, understanding their behavior and targeting those audiences can be a lot helpful for your business.

So, in Google Analytics you can create Mobile Analytics dashboards so that the tracking can be a lot easier for you. Follow the below steps in order to create the Mobile dashboards in Analytics.

  • First of all, Create a custom segment in Google Analytics.
  • For that, you need to go to the Custom Segments section.
  • Then Click on “Create New Segment” and name it “mobile“.
  • Click on “Technology” option and select “exactly matches” in the device category section.
  • Enter “mobile” and save the segment.

Similarly, you can create other two segments namely Desktop and Tablet. Then you get to create your own mobile dashboards or you can just use the custom dashboards you already have created by using the custom segment filters you have created. The data that will usually be tracked by the Mobile traffic dashboard will be the following:

  • Mobile visits/ Pageviews/ Pages/ Visit
  • Average mobile visit duration and page load time
  • Mobile bounce rate
  • Mobile traffic by source
  • Mobile organic keywords
  • Mobile organic landing pages
  • Visits by the different type of mobile devices
  • Mobile visitor screen resolutions
  • Mobile visitor operating systems

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