What Scope Applies to Custom Metrics?

What scope applies to Custom Metrics?

  • Hit
  • Session
  • User
  • Customer

Right Answer:

  • Hit



When the Custom Dimensions are processed, then the Scope in Google Analytics will determine which particular custom dimension value is to be applied to which hits. Also, the view filters determine which hits are to be ultimately included in the reporting along with their respective associated values. There are four levels of Scope in the Google Analytics which are mentioned and explained briefly below.

  • Product Level Scope: If any of the custom dimensions has the Product Level Scope, then the custom dimension value will be applied to the product with which the value is already set. This is because multiple products can be sent in a single hit which also makes the sending of multiple product levels scoped custom dimensions in a hit possible in here.
  • Hit Level Scope: Similar to the Product Level scope, when a custom dimension has a Hit-Level scope then the value is applied only to the hit with which the value was already set. That means if the user sends two hits for which the only one of them is having the value then the value is applied to that hit only.
  • Session Level Scope: When a user sends a hit with no Custome Dimension Value and later sends another with custom dimension value in the same session then the Session Scope causes the value is also applied to the first hit. This results in two hits having the same Custom Dimension value. Even a hit with no value is sent to the same session, the value of the second hit is also applied to the last hit. This goes on.
  • User-Level Scope: If any user in a session has three hits but with no Custom Dimension Values are set then the value of hit in another session by the same user is applied to all of the hits in before session.

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