Which Assets Cannot Be Shared in The Solutions Gallery?

Which assets cannot be shared in the Solutions Gallery?

  • Custom reports
  • Segments
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Goals

Right Answer:

  • Custom Dimensions



The Solutions gallery gives you access to share and import the Custom reporting tools and assets such as dashboards and segments into your Google Analytics Account.

  • And also only Configuration data is allowed to share through the Solutions Gallery.
  • You can always visit the Solutions Gallery to import and browse the available solutions.

Even though you share and create an asset, your personal information and all of the Analytics data stays private in your Analytics account itself.

Only a template is imported into your account whenever you import an asset from the Solutions Gallery. For example, if you import a custom report, you can be able to use that report to analyze the data in your Analytics account, not the data from the person that created the report.

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