Which Three Campaign Parameters Are Recommended to Manually Track Campaigns?

Which three campaign parameters are recommended to manually track campaigns?

  • Campaign, Content, and Term
  • Medium, Source, and Campaign
  • Medium, Source, and Content
  • Source, Content, and Term

Right Answer:

  • Medium, Source, and Campaign



If you want to create a custom campaign then you need to know the best practice in creating it. The following steps are of the best practice in creating a custom campaign. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully.

  • 1. Tag only what you need: If your Google Analytics account is linked to the Google Ads Account, then you need to enable the auto-tagging but you don’t need to tag your destination URLs in your Google Ads account. However, if you run paid search campaigns on search engines other than Google, you’ll need to tag the destination URLs for those ads.
  • 2. Create your links with URL builder: Usually, Campaign links includes an URL address which is followed by a Question mark (?) and then your campaign variables separated by ampersands (&).

For example http://www.example.com/?utm_source=adsite&utm_campaign=adcampaign.

  • 3. Use only the Campaign variable you need: Even though there are six fields in URL builder, you generally need to use Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Name only. Also, another variable, Campaign Term, allows you to specify the paid search keyword and with the help of  Campaign Content, you can indicate the specific ad, button, or link that was clicked.

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