A Good Guideline for Asking Your Client Questions to Understand Her Marketing Needs and How You Might Be Able to Help Her Is:

A good guideline for asking your client questions to understand her marketing needs and how you might be able to help her is:

  • ask “yes” or “no” questions to show credibility and avoid confusing the client.
  • ask questions only if you did not gather enough information from your pre-call planning.
  • ask questions about the client’s current situation, desired situation and expectations.
  • uncover the client’s pain points so you can use them against her later.

Right Answer:

  • ask questions about the client’s current situation, desired situation and expectations



Just as the question explains, focusing more on the client’s needs and requirements will end up with a fruitful deal than anything. With everything at stake, first of all, you need to talk about the client’s current situation. In this case, you can actually gather up information on how to actually lead a conversation so as to make them believe that your services will help them.

The most important things that you need to keep in mind while going ahead with the conversation is as follows:

  • Be honest from the beginning
  • Promise less but deliver more
  • Anticipate client’s needs before they do so themselves
  • Constant communication
  • Reports

The desired situation of the client is what they expect in the near future. You as a marketer need to tap into that information and figure out the simplest way of getting your hand into it. Accordingly, their expectations will get revealed by themselves either directly or indirectly.

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