Before Asking Your Client Questions About Her Business, It Is Best to Tell Her the Reasons for The Questions and The Benefit Because:

Before asking your client questions about her business, it is best to tell her the reasons for the questions and the benefit because:

  • you do not want the client to feel as though you are wasting her time.
  • it gives the client the opportunity to decide if she needs to gather more information before answering your questions.
  • it will help you appear more confident to the client and she will be more likely to give you truthful responses.
  • it shows the client you value her insight and partnership so you can provide a tailored solution

Right Answer:

  • it shows the client you value her insight and partnership so you can provide a tailored solution.


A simple conversation with your client does not mean that you will end up with basic to and fro questions and answers. That will lead the conversation to literally nowhere and it will become awkward in no time. In order to make sure that your questions to the client have a real purpose, try having a small reason behind it.

While carrying out the same, try to accomplish these small goals within yourself:

  • Focus on exceptional communication
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Acknowledge your client as an individual
  • Share knowledge
  • Be open
  • Exceed expectations

These are the most basic details that you need to take care of while engaging in the conversation. At the end of the day, both you and the client’s representative are human beings. Hence, things might not be as perfect as think them to be. Thus, try to manage and handle the situation so that no awkwardness or negativity creeps in.

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