Before You Meet with Your New Client, Your Online Research Showed that She Played Golf for A Local College You Also Attended. Bringing This up In when You Meet Would:

Before you meet with your new client, your online research showed that she played golf for a local college you also attended. Bringing this up in when you meet would:

  • demonstrate your interest in the client as a person and help build rapport.
  • demonstrate your online research abilities so the client sees you as an expert in anything related to growing business online.
  • increase the length of your meeting beyond what is really necessary.
  • be unnecessary, because it will not help you make the sale.

Right Answer:

  • demonstrate your interest in the client as a person and help build rapport.


As the question expresses, the marketer brings in front the fact that the client played Golf for a local college that the marketer attended. This has nothing to do with what the client has to do with their life or the marketer with their life. This specific information will just ease out the conversation that is about the happen in the coming minutes.

It is certain that having some information about the client beforehand will ensure that the conversation that begins doesn’t have much awkward moments or silences to deal with. The information need not be personal all time such as:

  • Client’s professional interests
  • Client’s business goals
  • Client’s burdens etc.

However, delving a lot into their lives might make the situation horrible as well. Crossing boundaries might not just result in a lost client very quickly, but also may lead them to take evasive action against you and your organization accordingly. A smoothly begun conversation will lead to a lot of positives than anything else.

Gradually, you can lead the conversation to your pitch for which you had prepared for all this while.

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