“i Can See how That Would Be Frustrating” and “that Is a Valid Concern. Many of My Clients Have Expressed that Same Concern Before Starting Their Campaign” Are Both Examples of Speaking with A Concerned Client. These Types of Responses Are:

“I can see how that would be frustrating” and “That is a valid concern. Many of my clients have expressed that same concern before starting their campaign” are both examples of speaking with a concerned client. These types of responses are:

  • not beneficial, because clients do not need reassurance.
  • only beneficial when speaking with a client that is more emotional versus logical.
  • helpful because they let the client know her concern is valid and can help lower her resistance.
  • beneficial because clients buy from sales representatives they like.

Right Answer:

  • helpful because they let the client know her concern is valid and can help lower her resistance.



An Adwords campaign is an ad campaign which is created and ran by an advertiser within an Adwords account. Usually, these campaigns are generally comprised of several ad groups which serve different types of text ads or image ads based on the type set of the keywords you set for each ad. In general, the ad campaign groupings includes of geographic information, device segmentation and the type of Product you provide.

For example, any cloth wears online store can choose to have different campaigns for each of it wear such as a campaign for bottom wear, Upper wear, inner wear etc. Even each type of campaign for its subcategories such as Jeans, Trousers, short etc.

One should make sure that your ads are shown to the right group of people so that you won’t be paying too much for keywords which will offer you nothing in beneficial terms. Using the keywords in your ad campaigns results in the following benefits you can get from them.

  • A Higher CTR
  • A Lower CPC
  • A High-Quality Score
  • Guaranteed High Traffic

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