Negative Keywords Can Help Advertisers Refine the Targeting of Their Ads By:

Negative keywords can help advertisers refine the targeting of their ads by:

  • raising the average position of their ads
  • reducing the number of irrelevant clicks
  • increasing the number of relevant Display Network placements
  • reducing their campaign’s daily budget recommendations

Right Answer:

  • reducing the number of irrelevant clicks


Negative Keyword is a keyword which is added for an ad or an ad group so that they will not be shown to the users when they search using those keywords or phrases. It is like those words prevent your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase.

This Negative Keyword is also referred to as the Negative Match in Google Ads.

For example, If you add a word like “Worst” to your ad group campaign then your ad is not shown to users when they type in the term “Worst” in their phrase. Any viewers who are browsing the internet and searching the web with the term “Worst” will not be shown your ads.

  • Your ad is less likely to have appeared on the Google Display Network when your Negative keywords match with the site’s content.
  • Look for the terms which are most similar to your keywords when you are selecting negative keywords for your ad campaigns in the Google Ads.

Negative keywords are more likely to drive irrelevant traffic which is actually no use for us. Makes sure to create a list of negative keywords along and add on your Ad group campaigns.

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