Starting a Client Meeting with An Agenda:

Starting a client meeting with an agenda:

  • is only necessary if you do not have experience in selling Google products.
  • is too structured and will probably scare the client.
  • can help lower the client’s resistance, because he will know what to expect.
  • makes the client feel he is important, even if he is not a key decision-maker.

Right Answer:

  • can help lower the client’s resistance, because he will know what to expect.


A client meeting’s introduction is like a cold war that brews in for a few seconds but might take dramatic turns depending on who initiates the body of the deal. It is never really enough in any sense if you think it from a client’s perspective. Making them happy is the most important objective one needs to have.

In that way, having a client meeting go in the right direction can be a bit tricky but it is manageable with these things:

  • Be clear and confident in your approach
  • Set up an agenda for the client and how you are going to implement it
  • Visualize the goals that you have set for the client and explain the road to it

A clear game-plan is all a client needs to listen. If you are beating around the bush, the client will lose interest significantly and the business deal will never get signed in the first place. Keeping the client engaged is the best way to convince them and it will make them clear as well, on their part of what exactly to expect.

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