You Can Use Keyword Planner to Identify:

You can use Keyword Planner to identify:

  • the amount of traffic potential keywords might get
  • webpages where your ad can appear based on your keywords
  • the number of negative keywords you should add
  • which text ads are performing best based on your keywords

Right Answer:

  • the amount of traffic potential keywords might get


In the dire need of keywords and ad groups, the best thing you need to serve is the thing that the client or the consumer wants in reality. Being as relevant as possible is the first thing to keep in mind. Maximum relevancy and connect with the advertisements will persuade the consumer to purchase or go ahead with the concerned product or service.

  • The Keyword Planner, as the name itself suggests, is a specific tool that helps gather information on various keyword ideas and related traffic estimates behind each keyword.
  • It is evident that as an advertiser, your Search Campaign will have the most used and sought after keywords than anything.

Hence, using a Keyword Planner will help you accordingly build the relatable search terms. Using the same, you can garner a lot more traffic with the help of your Search Campaign compared to the basic keywords that might be used by the people. There will be less to no guesswork behind the search engine optimization procedure.

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