Your Client Wants to Improve Her Ad Position. What Would You Recommend?

Your client wants to improve her ad position. What would you recommend?

  • Improve the ad quality and increase bid amount
  • Add more keywords and increase daily budget
  • Improve Quality Score and decrease bid amount
  • Make the ad headline longer and more descriptive

Right Answer:

  • Improve the ad quality and increase bid amount


Advertisement position can be defined as the position where your advertisement is visible on the search engine results page. Ad position depends on a lot of factors which eventually determine the fate of an advertiser’s ad campaign in the long run. It is critical for an advertiser to have a higher advertisement position since it will increase the ad’s visibility among people multiple folds.

The things that determine the Ad Position are as follows:

  • Higher Ad Rank
  • Higher Cost-per-click Bid
  • Relevant Keywords

As you can see, these are all correlated with each other and one measure’s success feeds off of the other one. Hence, having relevant keywords, in the beginning, sets the tone straight for an advertiser in the long run. Unless a larger audience is gathered in the beginning, having a consistent run is extremely difficult.

Similarly, a higher cost-per-click bid also enables your advertisement to have a seemingly remarkable position, at times right at the top. This will increase the visibility of your advertisement like anything which ensures better returns.

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