An Advertiser Wants to Display a Text Ad that Includes Extra Details Like the Business’s Location and Phone Number. Which Ad Format Should the Advertiser Use

An advertiser wants to display a text ad that includes extra details like the business’s location and phone number. Which ad format should the advertiser use?

  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • Ads with extensions

Right Answer:

  • Ads with extensions.


With the help of the extensions users can add more features like add extra links, Call buttons, Location information and much more.

Note : Adding an extension will won’t guarantee to show the ad all the time, it depends on several factors like AD Rank, if it is predicted to improve performance, Ad extension also requires a minimum Bid.

There is no extra cost you need to pay just for extensions, however for better ROI & Approval min bid is required.

In case if you’re new to extension you can check out the official Video here:

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