An E-Commerce Client Wants Her Campaign to Be More Profitable. After Calculating This Client’s Total Profits from Google Ads, What Can You Do to Start Maximizing Results for Profit?

An e-commerce client wants her campaign to be more profitable. After calculating this client’s total profits from Google Ads, what can you do to start maximizing results for profit?

  • Test only one version of your ad text
  • Test different cost-per-click (CPC) bids
  • Lower the cost-per-click (CPC) bids and increase the budget
  • Delete keywords that are generating the most clicks

Right Answer:

  • Test different cost-per-click (CPC) bids


Profits are the one and only goal for a business, be it online or offline. For an advertiser, getting truckloads of profits without actually going berserk is the main goal. In this case, the e-commerce client would want her advertisement campaign to be more profitable.

In this time of the hour, the client needs to make sure that she is tinkering with the advertisement biddings only, not anything else. The most important parameters for the client at this point in time are:

  • Advertisement Bidding
  • Website Traffic
  • Consistent Users etc.

Now, no matter what happens, the client needs to make sure that they are consistently having that audience behind their back all the time. If not, then the analytics will degrade drastically and they will not be able to produce the results that they are getting. The most possible parameter to tinker with at this point in time is the advertisement bidding.

The cost-per-click bids need to be checked one by one. By doing so, the true reach and activity behind the advertisements can be checked. Afterward, the advertisers can alter the values of the bids and see which bid pattern is working effectively.

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