Blake Is Focused on Branding and Is More Interested in His Ads Being Viewed than In Generating Clicks. Which of These Features Would Not Be a Good Fit for Him?

Blake is focused on branding and is more interested in his ads being viewed than in generating clicks. Which of these features would not be a good fit for him?

  • Placement targeting
  • Reach and frequency data
  • Cost–per–thousand–impressions (CPM) bidding
  • Call extensions

Right Answer:

  • Call extensions


As far as the question is concerned, Blake is determined on branding and is interested in his ads being viewed genuinely, not just gathering clicks just for the sake of it. Thus, he should focus on the parameters that would legitimately make the crowd or the viewers watch his ads completely without actually mindlessly clicking it.

As explained above, the factors that he should take into consideration are as follows:

  • Placement Targeting
  • Reach and Frequency Data
  • CPM Bidding

However, having call extensions will not help Blake at all. Since a call extension will let a viewer contact directly, it is considered as a click itself. Having clicks only is not the end-goal of Blake as of now.

So, it would hamper his statistics and he would have odd results at the end of the time period concerned. The options mentioned above are best suited for Blake to make the audience watch the ads fully.

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