Donna Sells T–shirts Featuring Vintage Album Covers. She Wants People Searching for Unusual T–shirts to Find Her Website, but She Also Thinks People Interested in Music Might Make a Purchase. What Campaign Type Would You Recommend?

Donna sells t-shirts featuring vintage album covers. She wants people searching for unusual t-shirts to find her website, but she also thinks people interested in music might make a purchase. What campaign type would you recommend?

  • “Search Network with Display Opt-in”
  • “Display Network”
  • “Video”
  • “Search Network”

Right Answer:

  • “Search Network with Display Opt-in”


When it comes to Google Network, the ads appearing on these are usually different from one another. These can be categorised into a lot of segments. But broadly, the Google Network is classified into:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network

In the Search Network, the ads that appear have everything to do with texts and text placements. The most commonly used ads fall in the search network. However, there is a small exception to this. The Search network has a Display Opt-in option. People can actually use images to suffice their ads wholly.

It is done in order to make sure that the ad doesn’t seem random or incomplete. Just as the question explains, the T-shirts that are to be sold are supposed to be targeted to people who are fans of vintage album covers or unusual designs. Apart from these two, anyone who buys this is an added bonus.

Having the image option available will make the viewers see the actual T-shirt design than just read about it. They will be able to make a decision and have the power of selecting whether they want to go ahead or not.

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