If You Bid $2 for A Click and The Next Highest Bid Is $1.25, How Much Will You Pay?

If you bid $2 for a click and the next highest bid is $1.25, how much will you pay?

  • $1.26
  • $2
  • $1.24
  • $1

Right Answer:

  • $1.26



Bidding for the ads is a way to determine which particular advertiser will have an upper hand as far as being noticeable on the Google Network is concerned. Paid promotions are not a new thing to anyone here. Advertisers invest a certain sum of money to get their ads rolling.

However, they will have to pay the money per click if the viewer is actually clicking on the ad and visiting the landing page. The advertiser won’t lose any money simply by being visible on a particular viewer’s screen for too long. Albeit, it will show a rating where the viewers have actually seen the ad or not.

Bidding is usually done in order to focus on quite a few marketing measures such as:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Conversions
  • Views (video ads only)

As far as the options are concerned, it is understandable that all the types of marketing options are focused on minimum investment and a maximum result, pretty much a simple norm to comprehend. As the question suggests, you don’t have to pay the exact amount that you have bid.

You will be paying the amount which is a unit bigger than the second biggest bid. With this, you won’t have to disperse a crazy amount of money behind bids.

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