If You Want to Direct People to Specific Pages on Your Website from Your Ad, You Can Create an Ad that Uses:

If you want to direct people to specific pages on your website from your ad, you can create an ad that uses:

  • promotion extensions
  • callout extensions
  • location extensions
  • sitelink extensions

Right Answer:

  • sitelink extensions



Sitelinks can lead consumers to particular pages on your site—your store hours, a specific product, or more. When someone clicks or taps on your links, they jump right to what they desire to know or buy.

Sitelinks will display in a diversity of approaches depending on device, position, and other factors. When your sitelink extension surfaces with one of your ads on a computer, it exhibits 2 to 6 links, which may arise on the same line or fill up to two lines of your ad.

When your sitelink extension manifests on a tablet or mobile device, it can show up to 8 links, which emerge side-by-side on a single line in a carousel arrangement. People can swipe left or right on the carousel to peruse your numerous sitelinks.

If your ad appears in the very uppermost position, your sitelinks are acceptable to exhibit in a more noticeable tappable row, with only one sitelink on each line. Benefits of Sitelinks:

  • Update Easily
  • See Detailed Data About Your Clicks
  • Edit your Sitelink Extensions without losing data
  • Customized Sitelinks for Mobiles
  • Schedule with start and end dates

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