Mary’s Campaign Consistently Meets Its Average Daily Budget. What Should She Do to Maximize Her Budget Throughout the Entire Day?

Mary’s campaign consistently meets its average daily budget. What should she do to maximize her budget throughout the entire day?

  • Change the ad delivery method from “Standard” to “Accelerated”
  • Increase her daily budget
  • Segment her campaign performance by time of day
  • Change the ad delivery method from “Accelerated” to “Standard”

Right Answer:

  • Change the ad delivery method from “Accelerated” to “Standard”


Ad Delivery methods can be described as the ways to showcase the ads to a particular viewer on the specified Google Networks. An advertiser sets up the type of ads that they want to show on the Google Networks. There are two different types of Ad Delivery Methods. Those are as follows:

  • Standard Ad Delivery
  • Accelerated Ad Delivery

As the name itself suggests, with the help of standard ad delivery, you will be able to distribute your ads that are to be shown on the networks over the whole time period of the day. However, in the case of accelerated ad delivery, your ads are shown as quickly as possible up until your day’s ad budget gets exhausted.

According to the question, Mary’s campaign’s ad delivery method needs to be changed from Accelerated to Standard. With a limited Ad Budget, her ads are not being visible to the viewers over the whole day’s time. The budget is getting exhausted even before the day ends.

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