Negative Keywords Can Help Advertisers Better Target Their Ads By:

Negative keywords can help advertisers better target their ads by:

  • raising the average position of their ads
  • reducing the number of irrelevant clicks
  • reducing their campaign’s daily budget recommendations
  • increasing the number of relevant Display Network Placements

Right Answer:

  • reducing the number of irrelevant clicks


When it comes to advertising, the biggest issues with advertisers is irrelevant clicks, not the less number of conversions even. People sometimes click ads out of curiosity and have nothing to do with obtaining the products or services instead.

It costs the advertisers a lot of money but they do not seem to worry about it a lot if it’s in small numbers.

  • However, a lot of irrelevant clicks will not be meaningful to any advertiser.
  • At this point in time, negative keywords come into play.
  • Negative keywords are certain words or phrases which negate the type of audience that an advertiser doesn’t want or won’t derive anything from.

With the help of negative keywords, the ad will not get circulated to people who are not interested in that type of thing. For example, if a video game developer wants to sell their game, they have to include the word “free” in the negative keyword list.

If not, then all the gaming enthusiasts will be able to see the ads, click on it and not convert since all of them are not interested in purchasing the game.

By doing so, a lot of the audience will get filtered out, however, the most relevant audience will stay back.

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