Which Targeting Option Can Help You Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Website?

Which targeting option can help you reach people who’ve previously visited your website?

  • Device targeting
  • Interest category targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Remarketing

Right Answer:

  • Remarketing


[Content On Demographic Targeting]


As the question explains, the targeting options that helps an advertiser to reach people who have already visited their website is known as Remarketing. Usually, whenever a viewer takes a peak of the website, a particular cookie is saved on their browser.

Now, the next time, whenever the advertisers want to promote their website, their ads will go to these people. The process of Remarketing involves these steps:

  • Viewer visits the website
  • Advertisers promote it again
  • The viewer gets to see the ad of the same website

One of the biggest benefits of remarketing for the advertisers is that the viewers will see something related to the website for more than once. It enables a kind of trust factor in the viewer’s mind. Just knowing about the brand is enough in the beginning.

Accordingly, the advertisers can lead a much more relevant campaign of ads which will attract the specific viewer more than ever.

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