While Teaching a New Account Manager how To Build a Search Campaign, You Tell Her that She Should Group Similar Keywords Together in An Ad Group Because It Will Allow Her To:

While teaching a new account manager how to build a Search campaign, you tell her that she should group similar keywords together in an ad group because it will allow her to:

  • create multiple ads for each keyword
  • create ads that are relevant to all keywords
  • create a different ad for each keyword
  • only create one ad that’s relevant to all keywords

Right Answer:

  • create ads that are relevant to all keywords



Having keywords assigned for your ads is the most basic thing you can do as an advertiser. However, if the similar keywords are instead grouped in an ad group, then the procedure becomes relatively easier.

  • It will make sure that it’s easier for you to make ads that are actually relevant to all the keywords.
  • Just as the question explains, ad relevancy plays quite an impact compared to other factors.

These are the things that you can do in order to get fruitful results:

  • Proper Account Structure
  • Unique Ads in the Ad groups
  • Keyword and Ad Copy need to be relevant etc.

With keyword relevance in place, your ad will be able to reach as many people as possible compared to the bland inclusion of a bunch of keywords which actually just seem to be relevant but in no way are helpful enough.

Make sure to include all of the top keywords and keep on working on the keywords if they are to be moved or kept in the ad group from time to time.

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