Your Ad Can Show to A Potential Customers when Your Targeted Language Matches:

Your ad can show to a potential customers when your targeted language matches:

  • the customer’s operating system language
  • the language of websites a user visits most often
  • the customer’s Google interface language setting
  • the customer’s browser setting

Right Answer:

  • the customer’s Google interface language setting


Targeting is a procedure used by the advertisers where they specifically pinpoint their ads to a particular group of people. It is done in order to increase the likelihood of the viewers to watch or engage with the advertisements more than a generic audience. The relevancy factor comes into play when targeting as an option is concerned.

The different types of targeting used in the field of online advertising is as follows:

  • Device Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting

As the question reads out here, language targeting is used when an advertiser needs to target a specific crowd who speak a certain language.

In that case, the audience that is targeted will feel the ads were relevant to them and there will be a higher percentage of them converting on your ads. For example, a Bengali Ad will work really effective if targeted to the population of Bangladesh.

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