Your Client Wants to Show Ads to People Who’ve Visited Her Website Before. Which Google Ads Feature Would You Recommend She Use?

Your client wants to show ads to people who’ve visited her website before. Which Google Ads feature would you recommend she use?

  • Conversion tracking
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Remarketing
  • E-commerce tracking

Right Answer:

  • Remarketing


Remarketing is a type of online advertisement where a viewer visits your website again with the help of ads that they have seen again on a different website. It is the return of the viewer after already being visited your website beforehand. Remarketing as a strategy is extremely fruitful from an advertiser’s perspective.

The steps concerned in Remarketing are as follows:

  • Viewer visits your website
  • The viewer sees your ads again on another website
  • Viewer visits your website again

As far as Google Remarketing is concerned, it is very beneficial from an advertiser’s point of view. It will boost your conversion rates and return on investment really well. A viewer already familiar with your website has more chances of purchasing or utilizing your products or services respectively.

It will significantly increase your brand value among the audience.

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