Your New Client’s Google Ads Account Has One Campaign with One Ad Group that Contains a List of Hundreds of Keywords. Which Best Practice Should You Follow when Re–organizing This Client’s Keywords?

Your new client’s Google Ads account has one campaign with one ad group that contains a list of hundreds of keywords. Which best practice should you follow when re–organizing this client’s keywords?

  • Create one ad group for every five keywords
  • Remove half of the keywords from the ad group
  • Create new ad groups with related keywords grouped together
  • Create new ad groups with several keyword match types

Right Answer:

  • Create new ad groups with related keywords grouped together


Ad groups are tools in the field of online marketing where you have to group in a bunch of keywords which seem to be relevant in the viewer’s point of view. Ad groups help the account managers club together the most relevant keywords easily compared to just blandly including one of the other.

Apart from ad groups, people usually focus a lot on:

  • Bidding Strategy
  • Keywords
  • Quality Score etc.

As we see, keywords here are a single topic which needs sufficient attention. It is these keywords that help you reach the most meaningful audience you can ever see. However, having a bunch of keywords thrown here and there will not suffice.

Having separate Ad groups with similar keywords accordingly will boost your chances of getting hold of everyone who is actually interested in anything remotely similar to what you are working on.

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