An Advertiser Notices that A Display Campaign Is Receiving a Large Number of Conversions at Certain Times and Days of The Week. Which Feature Would Help This Advertiser Maximize the Number of Conversions Received at The Campaign’s Current Budget?

An advertiser notices that a Display campaign is receiving a large number of conversions at certain times and days of the week. Which feature would help this advertiser maximize the number of conversions received at the campaign’s current budget?

  • Frequency capping
  • Ad rotation
  • Ad scheduling
  • Bid Optimizer

Right Answer:

  • Ad scheduling


Ad Scheduling is a phenomenon where you schedule or set a time for your ads based on your ad campaign across the Google Network. Ad scheduling is extremely important since it specifies when the needs to be shown to a select consumer on the network.

With the help of ad scheduling, you can do these particulars:

  • Specify certain hours or days of the week when you want your ads to show.
  • Set bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids for specific days and times.

As the first point suggests, you can specify on what point of time in a day and at what point of time in a week your ad should be shown the maximum. Let us take the example of an ad a nightclub has posted recently.

It is regarding a weekend party that will happen on the evening of the next Sunday. Hence, having the ad shown on the preceding Friday and Saturday will yield the maximum results. Instead, if the ad is shown 10 days prior to the event and not before it again, there won’t be any meaning.

It is because the people who are interested would have had different plans by then, killing the chances of the good turnout.

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