An Advertiser Purchasing Display Advertising Through Other Ad Networks Can Still Benefit from Using Google Ads Display Ads Because:

An advertiser purchasing display advertising through other ad networks can still benefit from using Google Ads display ads because:

  • the ad will show on all ad networks and will reinforce the advertiser’s message
  • she can fill in the gaps of niche and mass–marketed sites using Google Ads targeting options
  • the ad can appear multiple times on a page to reinforce the advertiser’s message
  • she can infinitely loop animated image ads

Right Answer:

  • she can fill in the gaps of niche and mass–marketed sites using Google Ads targeting options


The Google Display Network at present is used by thousands of advertisers so that they can reach to users through thousands of websites and mobile apps across all publisher categories i.e., from large and well-known sites to niche sites and audiences. The Google Display Network (GDN) will place your display ads against related content and audiences across thousands of sites.

  • With the significant Global coverage, your message can be reached to more fo your target audience in more places and in more often.
  • The GDN or Google Display Network is comprised of both hundreds of large sites and hundreds of thousands of niche sites.
  • The Display Network delivers measurable performance for both branding and direct display clients by maximizing their results.

In terms of campaign management, some of the tools such as the Placement Performance Report, Conversion Optimizer, and Conversion Tracking provide complete transparency into what’s working, and what isn’t. This gives you the actionable insights you need to help you effectively optimize your campaigns.

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