An Advertiser Who Wants to Target Specific Categories of Video Content on The Display Network Should:

An advertiser who wants to target specific categories of video content on the Display Network should:

  • add the keyword “video” to the campaign
  • add a call–to–action (CTA) overlay to the ads
  • target the Search Network
  • use video ads

Right Answer:

  • use video ads


In Google Ads, one can be able to create video campaigns in different video ad formats to engage your customers in either YouTube or across any video partner websites. There are many ad formats which are available in the Google ads which are:

  • TrueView In-Stream Video Ads
  • TrueView video Discovery Ads
  • Bumper Ads

These Video ads will appear on YouTube and on Partner websites and also on apps across the Google Display Network which include Mobile Devices and Tablets. But this depends on your video ad format and settings. Explore all of the above-mentioned formats below.

1. TrueView In-Stream Video Ads: With these type of ads, you won’t pay for random impressions while you are only charged when a user watch your video or react to any elements of your video. There is a broad reach for these types of video ads.

2. TrueView Video Discovery Ads: One can use this ad format to promote a video in places of discovery as a part of YouTube search results or on the YouTube Mobile Homepage. You ad consists of the thumbnail image from your video with text in it.

3. Bumper Ads: You can use this ad format when you want to reach viewers broadly with a short and memorable message. These type of ads can appear on YouTube videos or on video partner websites and also on apps of Google Display Network.

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