“engagement” with A Lightbox Ad on A Mobile Phone or Tablet Is Achieved when Someone:

“Engagement” with a Lightbox ad on a mobile phone or tablet is achieved when someone:

  • watches the ad for at least 2 seconds
  • hovers their finger over the ad for at least 2 seconds
  • expands or interacts with the ad
  • watches the ad twice in a row

Right Answer:

  • expands or interacts with the ad



There are many types of Expandable ads in which “click-to-expand” is one of them which will expand your ad to a large size up to 728*270 pixels. Whenever a user clicks on your ad, it will expand to the center of your page to the aforementioned size. Once the ad is expanded, a translucent layer grays out the background making the ad more visible to the user. It will be like giving the user a near full-screen ad experience even though it is not.

  • These Click-tp-expand ads are served as the third party ads which are created by the Google Certified rich media vendors for the top display advertisers in the Google Network.
  • Your earn is based on whether your ads expandable ads on your website are priced on a CPC or CPM basis.

One thing you should note if you are using Expandable ads is that you can get earning from CPC expandable ads when a user visits your website’s landing page and not when a user just simply clicks to expand the ad. Expandable ads generally have two sizes which are “initial state” size followed by “expanded state” size.

Invitation state unit sizes are:

  • 120×600
  • 160×600
  • 200×200
  • 250×250
  • 300×250
  • 300×600
  • 336×280
  • 468×60 and
  • 728×90

Expanded state unit sizes are:

  • 240×600
  • 320×600
  • 400×200
  • 500×250
  • 600×250
  • 672×280
  • 468x180and
  • 728×270

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