Frequency Capping Gives Advertisers the Ability to Specify a Limit to The Number Of:

Frequency capping gives advertisers the ability to specify a limit to the number of:

  • clicks for all viewers
  • clicks for a unique viewer
  • impressions for all viewers
  • impressions for a unique viewer

Right Answer:

  • impressions for a unique viewer


Frequency Capping is a feature which limits the number of ads appearing a number of times to the same person on the Display network. Frequency can be said as the average number of times a unique user sees your ad in a position of “1” over the allotted time period.

  • By using the Frequency Capping, you can help to control the maximum number of times that you would like each person to see your Ad on the Google Display Network.
  • Hence you turn on frequency capping for a campaign, you set a limit for the number of impressions you will allow an individual user to have per day, per week, or per month.

Only impressions that were viewable count towards frequency caps. An ad is counted as viewable when 50% or more of the ad shows for one second or longer for display ads and two seconds or longer for video ads.

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